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There are many types of techniques for hypnotism but basically they can be classifieds into two categories.

Modern Era Hypnotism

Ancient Era Hypnotism

Techniques of hypnotism


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There are many techniques used in hypnotism. Here are a number of them.

  • Affirmation: Support the person.
  • Ambiguity: Many meanings happen at once.
  • Confirmation: Telling them it's working.
  • Fixing attention: To occupy the the mind.
  • Hand-clasp: A useful test of suggestibility.
  • Levitation: Magical floating arms!
  • Linking: As your arms relax, your shoulders relax too.
  • Noticing: You might have noticed that you are relaxing now.
  • Pausing: Giving time for things to sink in.
  • Progressive relaxation: Relaxing one part at a time.
  • Relax-repeat: Just keep saying 'relax'.
  • Tense-relax: Tense muscles then relax them.
  • Vagueness: Certain words work well.
  • Visualizing: Getting people to see things.
  • Wondering: A method of indirect command.
Hypnotism Techniques That Will Change Your Life!

Hypnosis is generally regarded as an altered state of consciousness somewhere between wakefulness and sleep. It has three most notable characteristics:
1. An increased focus and concentration.
2. Increased relaxation in the body.
3. Increased access to the subconscious mind..

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