Kundali Matching online is a traditional and proven method adopted by Vedic Astrology, in order to ensure that everything goes fine in a marital relationship between two individuals.

In India, and more specifically among the followers of Hindu religion and Vedic astrology, consideration of the Kundali matching process is considered to be too indispensable to be avoided. In fact, it is the extreme primary step and a preliminary base of even ‘considering’ a boy or girl for marriage. Selection comes in much later stages.
Basically, it is an entire horoscope matching process, a major part of which involves consideration of the Nakshatras or lunar constellations. It is the base for deriving the possible compatibility and the level of understanding which two individuals are destined to hold, if they would get in a marital relationship marriage matching. Compatibility and understanding have been defined as the most crucial aspects of a relationship, not only by astrology but also buy modern science.

This consideration of lunar constellation is referred as ‘Guna Milap’ or the eight fold marriage matching process. As a part of it, horoscope matching an astrologer derives out individual factors of both boy and girl on eight specific aspects. The eight aspects are- Varan, Vasya, Tara, Yoni, Grah Maitri, Gan, Bhakoot, and Nadi. Each of these aspects holds certain significance. Kundali matching Also, it reflects certain traits of an individual, which plays an important role in defining one’s compatibility with other individual holding specific traits.

Then, on the bases of their nature and intensity, free kundli matching those factors are allotted with points. Those eight aspects hold a total of 36 points. Any match making score of more than 18 is considered to be favorable, and any score less than 18 is considered to be unfavorable for probable relationship. The higher the score goes, the better are the chances of a successful marriage, and vice versa. Kundali Matching online Other than this, considering the positioning of the planet Moon in both the horoscopes is another important part.
Pandit Acharya K.L.Shastribelongs to Hindu mythology and in Hindu society, horoscope matching and Kundali matching is very deep and intensely rooted. Match making is required to insure a harmonies, balanced and healthy marriage relationships. Only perfect astrologer can analyze the horoscope of boy and girl.

According to astrology, horoscope is much more than free kundli matching just gun-milan and manglik dosh. In our opinion, there are five major aspects, Health, Mental Makeup and Nature, Longevity, Pregnancy and Ability to Give Birth to Children, Seperative Tendencies. Which are relevant for the purpose of marriage Kundali Matching online.